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R 400.00

One of the greatest gifts to give, this shaving soap and brush set is simple, earth friendly, fun to use and very economical. Use the shaving brush to build a beautiful shaving soap lather in a bowl or on your face, people in the know will tell you a soap and brush beats the stuff in the can by miles, that accounts for performance, economy and skin conditioning properties, on top of that it brings back some of that old school coolness we love so much. The mixed badger brush is offered in a 'Boendoebaard' or 'Bundubeard' theme, and the shaving soap in a range or fragrances. The set is complemented with a 100g body soap that matches the fragrance of the shaving soap, is that clever or what!?

Important!!! This offer is applicable to our 2 to 4 day shipping (R70) option. Please choose only the 2 to 4 day shipping option when checking out, it is currently set to this by default and the shipping discount will be calculated automatically. Should you choose the overnight delivery option (R125) when checking out, the system will add a R55 premium.

*COVID 19 TIP* When setting up your account, you could fill in your dad's address and contact details, this way you can give Covid 19 the middle finger and still manage to spoil him with a cool gift straight from the heart, no matter how isolated you are from each other whether by distance or regulation.

When checking out you will find a box that says 'Instructions to seller' feel free to add a personal note to your dad, we will gladly write this by hand and add this to the shipment, boy is he going to feel special!

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