Safety Razors

Vikings Blade Crusader adjustable safety razor in rose gold


R 745.00

Vikings blade classifies this model as their most hardcore razor with an adjustable dual head, it has the same features as its two older brothers, it is just a little more nimble, that being said it is still one of the heaviest safety razors out there and the heft is ample to mow down the toughest stubble. This model has a smart rattling system to drain trapped soap water. The Rose gold finish is meant to age, fade and form a unique weathered appearance / Please towel-dry razor thoroughly after use, This razor has no numbering system, but sports funky arrows,turn it in the direction of the larger arrow and blade exposure/aggressiveness increases, while turning it towards the smaller arrow will tune the performance to a milder feel.   

This twist-to-open razor weighs 109 g and stands 117 mm tall. 

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