African Black Brush 22 (ABB22)

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This oke is not for the feint hearted, it is going to take some work to break in this 30 mm hog, we gave it a special attribute by using a longer boar knot and then we 'Table Mountained' the top to maximize and evenly distribute bristle contact with your skin. The other brushes in your den will cringe in the corners when this beast arrives! This brush has a fairly round Oryx horn handle that stands 52 mm tall and is around 40 mm around its body. The brush weighs 107 grams and stands 118 mm tall. Not a brush for guys who use night creams and lotions, as it likes to exfoliate and revive hard and tough skin, and with enough use both the brush and skin will soften up to each other and form a blissful marriage of happiness and suds!

This brush likes to stand up straight, and will not fit many stands out there.