African Black Brush 33 (ABB33)

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This brush is made from African Blackwood with a dollop of black resin used to fill a void in the natural course of the wood. Mpingo has clear defining lines between the heartwood and the sapwood, a special feature of this species of wood. 

We have applied a coat of a new aftershave balm we are developing made from tallow, olive oil and a few other ingredients, and we love the natural sheen of this product, so as a bonus you will receive a small tub of this to keep for your brush, and to try on your face, now if that is not the type functionality you'd love from a shaving product we'll have a hard time to please you!

The brush stands 126 mm tall, with the loft set at 56 mm. It has a waist of 27 mm and a 'boepie' of 40 mm. The brush weighs 90 grams and is fitted with a 24 mm Silvertip knot ready to rock and roll.