African Black Brush (ABB45)

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The Kudu is one of the most popular antelopes of South Africa, it is a graceful buck and well known for its ability to breach a 2.4 meter fence from a standing position, but also much higher obstacles with a bit of forward momentum. It is also renowned for causing accidents at night as it travels over fences next to the roadside, and with a colour much resembling a tar road they are damn near impossible to spot in time when travelling fast enough. This brush is made from a section of those beautiful curled horns, we took a bit more keratin off the one side to have a smoother rest for your fingers, while your thumb nesstles into a hollow/flat section on the opposite side of the brush, where natural ridges still occur. The smoother section displays the interesting pigment found in the horn of this species.

We particularly like the 'seam' that one gets on kudu horn, it's like a little pathway of black that runs in between the natural cracks and crevices and guides your thumb into the right spot. The bottom also shows the thickness of the horn and allows a glimpse of the translucent nature of this horn. 

Just look at this beast, 'Mr Wow', this video also gives a brief insight into the passion and importance of individuals and organisations that are active in the South African game farming industry. 

This brush is crowned with a 24 mm Silvertip badger knot, one of the most popular natural hair knots used globally. The brush weighs 115 grams, stands 120 mm tall, and has dimensions of 39 mm to 42 mm around its bulk, with the loft set at 54 mm.

This brush likes to stand up straight on a solid surface, and due to the shape, size and orientation of the handle won't be tamed to sit and be still on a stand.