Boerseun (ABB64)

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Another African boy'tjie dressed up in a two tone shirt, this one in African blackwood, a dark shirt with white sapwood 'hempsakke', his shorts are made with Knysna yellow wood, this boerseun is farming 'wyd en syd' from Limpopo to the Eastern Cape! Short, stocky and ready to work! This brush is fitted with a 28 mm boar knot and comes with an unembellished leather roll to protect the bristles and handle when travelling....well the roll may be simple, but surely we can use a fancy words to describe simple...spotted irony in this?

The brush weighs 96 grams. This is standing brush as it won't fit many stands with its 28 ,, neck, the belly is 35 mm when filled with pap en wors.

Ready to graft!

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