Hardekool valve (CB87)

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Beautiful Hardekool turned to a thin stem resembling a valve, atop this creation sits a 26 Two band badger knot. If you are a serious petrol-head this brush may have some appeal to you, but the reason we made this is to create a long, thin stemmed brush that can easily be clasped between one's thumb and hand/palm, or any two fingers. There are loads of guys out there with some form of disability or deformity in their hands or fingers, or maybe an illness or accident could have claimed full use of their hand, with this brush it would be easier for them to get back into cool shaves, as it is easy to 'operate' using arm and wrist action, the long stem has it reach into a bowl nicely if your hand is hovering above it in an open or semi-open position. One can also easily clasp a finger or two around the stem for those who hands are mostly comfortable in closed or semi-closed positions. It weighs 62 grams, stands 130 mm tall with a loft of 62 mm.