Straight Razors

Custom straight Razor CS10


R 2,900.00
a Beautiful piece of gear, we just loooove the finish on this blade, the scales are pretty cool also, feels great with good grip. Length of blade: 70 mm, blade width: 19 mm (6/8")
Material: High Carbon Steel. The blade has been triple tempered and double hardened. the hardness of the blade is between 61-63 RC. The grind on the blade is "half hollow grind" 

The blade has been and etched and hand polished, to give a statin finish. The face of the blade has been etched a second time to give it that “old” look.

Handle material: Homemade Micarta – White with black and white glitter.

The razor has been "wet tested" and is shave ready.
Before shaving run the blade under hot water, dry it and stop it on the
leather side of the strop or on your hand only. Once completed, you should be
good to go.

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