Cowhide strop (Brazilian leather)


R 390.00
a Midrange cowhide strop for that essential stropping before, and if you prefer after your shave. It also has a canvas side to preheat your blade for the stropping on leather, and some blokes do a few strokes after a shave too, which is a good move as it help clean and dry the blade before storage. a Must have for anyone who wants to maximize the use of the straight razor between hones. This particular strop has a medium draw, but treating the leather with Simply bee's natural leather wax, resulted in a smoother, lighter draw. I folded this type of strop over and left it like so for a month or longer, after a sanding (120,180 and 320 grits) and a good lube of Dubbin it was smooth as syrup again, minor nicks also disappeared! Get the hang of your stropping routine with this 'serviceable' strop before investing in a premium quality strop, damage to one of those will have you cry your eyes out! Size 330 mm x 55 mm.

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