26 mm Boar in Matumi (CB150)

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This is a light brush with great exfoliating power in a durable boar knot. The Matumi is a tree that mostly grows near riverbeds at a rapid pace, and hence the lighter density wood in some of the timber. Like most trees, some individuals grow faster than others depending how close to water, and how nutrient rich the soil is, climatic conditions also plays a role resulting timber from light to medium heavy in density.

Boar brushes have a longer break in period, and like all natural hair brushes, like to get wet as often as possible. Even when not in rotation, give your brushes a good soak every now and again, lather it up and if desired give it a treatment with our Bundu-bar to keep its bristles supple and soft, dry and stiff bristles are prone to breaking. Treat the handle with a natural oil or wax solution whenever you deem necessary.  It stands 111 mm high and the knot lofts at 60 mm. At 58 grams this is a fairly light brush for a 26 mm unit.