28 mm Horse in a barrel (CB146)

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Umboya offers a classic looking wood in a dark, mostly even grained appearance, it provides the medium for a brush of uniform color and texture. The wood also offers a lovely scent that is quite unique and takes me back to the day when furniture factories still produced furniture to last, if you lived near such a factory you'd more than likely recall this smell if it wafts past your nostrils. The horse hair used in the knot is harvested from live animals, and was very popular in the shaving world in the early 1900's, but as demand increased new sources were found and used. It has attributes of both boar and badger and will appeal to someone looking for something in this class. This dobbin is round and full, but ready to put in the graft to get your stubble 'off the farm', no ill discipline here! The brush weighs 75 grams, stands 120 mm tall, and the loft is set at 62 mm.