African black Brush 1 (ABB1)

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This brush has a horndle that is made from Blesbuck horn and black resin, the Blesbok or blesbuck (Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi) is an antelope endemic to South Africa and Eswatini. It has a distinctive white face and forehead which inspired the name, because bles is the Afrikaans word for a blaze such as one might see on the forehead of a horse. The horns are quite thin and oval at the base, the thin horns make for beautiful patterns in lighter shades, but it takes a bit of work to get them into a round, usable form. This horndle has deep groves on it and great texture within those, this offers great grip for this bulky brush. It is fitted with a 28 mm finest two band/high mountain white knot. The brush stands 118 mm tall, with the loft at 60 mm. The horndle is 47 mm at its widest point and has a waist of 27 mm.  It weighs 112 grams.