African Black Brush 18 (ABB18)

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An Oryx horn brush with a horse mane, talk about manipulating the gene pool! In South Africa it is quite common for game breeders to manage herd gene pools to intensify or accentuate colour of the hide, size or horn attributes, but I doubt anyone has gone the route of crossing an Arabian with an Oryx! It is pretty much your standard 'long brush' that lathers quickly en effectively, also very well suited for deeper/bigger bowl lathering. This baby is all horn and only has a spot of black resin on the bottom of its foot. The horndle is fitted with a 24 mm horse knot. This inter-species brush weighs 103 grams, has a total length of 138 mm, with a loft set at 59 mm.  It measures 23 on the waist, and mm and 39 mm in the centre portion.