African Black Brush 19 (ABB19)

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Hartenbos is a place on our coast that has a reputation for wild parties and exceptional summer holidays, but also has loads of beautiful seashells, some of them are very tiny seashells that originates from some sort of marine slug, I suspect it is the bambino's of the Plough snail that hatches in their millions and get washed ashore for the shells to dry out over time. If you want a few to get into real estate this is your chance, 100 or more snail homes in one quick bond-free transaction! The shells are cast in clear resin and have been are well dried and cures, so nothing will 'evolve' from the insides of the brush! This fairly short brush is crowned with a silky soft 24 mm High Mountain white knot, making it a brush that lathers quick with a soft feel on your skin. The brush weighs 99 grams, stands 108 mm tall, and has a waist of 25 mm and belly/foot around the 42 mm mark, with the loft set at 57 mm.