African Black Brush 20 (ABB20)

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This Blesbuck horndle has a matt black resin finish and quite a unique shape as we wanted to preserve most of its natural attributes. It has beautiful colours and striping, and the natural ridges works well with the final product. The matt resin combined with the ridges make this an excellent brush to be used if you like a claw-like grip, but it is also nice to use in a 'normal' 3 finger grip, with the knot protruding at the top of your hand. This brush is crowned with a 25 mm Silvertip badger knot, one of the most popular natural hair knots used globally. The brush weighs 99 grams, stands 116 mm tall, and has a waist of 29 mm and belly around the 44 mm mark, with the loft set at 53 mm.