African Black Brush 24 (ABB24)

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This brush is made from Waterbuck horn. An interesting fact about this animal is that you can not have the hair or skin of this animal touch the meat you are processing as it will spoil the meat in no time at all, some even saying it has a rotting smell and/or is not edible. Waterbuck must be treated with utmost care during the skinning process and when handling the carcass to ensure that the meat remains edible. They seem to have great mane for making shaving brushes, but we'll give that a miss for reasons mentioned above! Luckily horns are not eaten and they are not stinky, this brush handle has no smell at all, and the badger knot will pick up the scent of your favourite soaps in no time at all.

This 120 gram handle displays some amazing patterns, and will sit very comfortable in any hand. Overall length is 130 mm, and the loft is set at 65 mm. The knot is a 26 mm 50/50 mix of Finest two band and High mountain white, the F2B giving firm backbone and good exfoliating properties, and the HMW providing quicker lather development and a tad softer feel on the cheeks, a great knot indeed. The handle is around 43 mm thick at the top, and 31 mm near the base. The flat, concave back helps your thumb find its comfortable resting place before putting this bull to work