African Black Brush 25 (ABB25)

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Another brush that sports the structured ribs of the Waterbuck, the handle has a comfy 'thumb bed' and is ready to get gripped and go to work. The brush has smooth front and back sides, with the natural textures and ribs remaining on the sides, and plays with colours ranging from white to dark brown. 

This 109 gram handle is filled with black and white resin, and we have allowed for a slight indent on the bottom front of the brush to ensure a comfortable fit where it rests on your ring finger. Overall length is 122 mm, and the loft is set quite deep at 58 mm, as this knot is 70 mm high. We wanted to give a bit more backbone to the soft, thin bristles of the 26 mm High mountain white high density knot. This boy has lots of potential to kick some of your favourite brushes down the podium! The handle is around 41 mm thick at the top, and 34 mm near the base.