African Black Brush 30 (ABB30)

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This brush has a horndle made from Oryx horn, this beautiful species of buck can be found around the Kalahari region of South Africa, Namibia and Angola. The striking colours, shape and form of this creature is a thing of beauty. The colours of its horns are mostly dark brown and black, with specks of lighter colours showing up where surfaces are smoothed.

This brush is a shorter chap with a rough profile on the horn, it looks black/grey when dry, but changes its look to deeper colours when wet, it is a great gripping brus and will certainly grow on you the more you use it. This brush is fitted with a silky soft 26 mm High Mountain white knot.

The brush stands 112 mm tall, with the loft at 58 mm. This is mostly a standing brush, but will fit on most stands when using the collar as support. The brush weighs 85 grams.