Angry Bird bowl

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They are mean and bad-ass, but they bedazzle and entertain at the same time. This angry pair can be a great his/hers set! Those large eyes will help identify the spots you missed with your first pass, have your shave zen line up with the aura of the bird to receive such communications......or something like that, I just prefer giving it a white lathery crown!    

All bowls have a foot that sits nicely in your hand, it measures around 60 to 70 mm's on the bottom. The bowl measures 13 cm across, and stands about 9 cm high. Dimensions, appearance and finish will be different for each bowl as they are all handmade, and we all love having something unique! These bowls are quite heavy and normally weighs somewhere between 400 and 500 grams, steady as a rock.

You can also use this bowl to house your shaving soap, and lather right on top of that, read how to do that in our FAQ section. We can't wait to see some pics of how these 'pretty up' your bathrooms.