Baardman 'Lumberjack' beard oil 30ml


R 150.00

The Lumberjack has the following aromas locked up in its foresty smelling formulation; eastern, herbal and citrus tones with a woody vibe to get you feeling like you can yield an axe all day long. It contains the following; Sweet almond oil (Prunus amygdalus), Sandalwood oil (West Indian)(Amyris balsamifera) Frankinense oil (Boswellia carterii) Gliserol PEG-4 Ester, Cederwood oil (Juniperus virginiana).Nutmeg oil (Myristica officinalis) Bergamot oil (Citrus bergamia) and Cardamom oil (Elettaria cardamomum)

Beard oil is a cosmetic product that is used to nourish and hydrate the skin under your beard, it also adds visual appeal and makes your beard soft, smooth and shiny. The product consists mainly of carrier and essential oils.

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