Black eagle 'Gearstick in black Feathers'

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Now here is a Black Eagle brush you won't see everyday. I am very fond of longer handled brushes, all the more if they are slim and light. Ask yourself, which will do a quarter mile the fastest, a monster truck or a top fuel dragster? Part time brush maker Bradley Rautenbach has a passion for fine hardware and it shows in his products. His badger knots are sourced from a knot monastery somewhere in the Himalayas where a band of badger-monks dedicate their lives to finding and grading the best badger hair the planet has to offer (only kidding but he is pretty secretive about the source) He likes working with resin and ebonite, and produces a lovely range of individual handles to supplement his top class knots.  This long handle in black with silver grey 'feathers' has some beautiful swirls to it, a 28 mm badger bulb perches on the gear stick.The brush stands 136 mm tall with a 54 mm loft, and weighs in at 107 grams.