Black Ivory (Mpingo) shaving brush (CB186)

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a Solid piece of Mpingo that displays a character trait that it is so well known for (Jekyll and Hyde) masterfully by having an all black side and a predominantly white side when turned 180 degrees. This brush would look and work amazingly well in any African lodge themed bathroom. Black Ivory or Mpingo is some of the scarcest timber around in South Africa, the trees are small and takes decades to grow to a usable size. It is a wood with very fine texture and high in oil content, it absorbs very little from the surface and requires minimal maintenance. This brush is quite a small version of a very popular handle type, handles in this shape are normally a tad taller and fatter. This brush weighs in at 85 grams and stands 125 mm tall with a 21 mm Silvertip knot set at 55 mm. The waist is just over 20 mm, and it is around 36 mm at its widest diameter. This timber has a deep, sultry smell to it, do give it a few sniffs if you are lucky enough to be its new owner.