Black Ivory (Mpingo) shaving brush


R 450.00
Tall, slender and olive skinned with black hair and a slight 'defect' in her personality, reminds me of one of my exes! What fun times we had though! I cannot say much more about this brush or my wife will bombard me with questions, help save my marriage and get this brush out of my house! Mpingo is a wood with very fine texture and high in oil content, it absorbs very little from the surface and requires minimal maintenance. Timber pieces normally have fine cracks running throughout the core and flawless pieces are extremely hard to find, commanding a very high premium. Luckily the natural growth and composition of the wood prevents this from presenting any structural problems, most wood harvested from a tree is perfectly useful for all sorts of projects. This brush weighs in at 80 grams and stands 136 mm tall with a black badger knot set at 57mm and is finished off in Danish oil.

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