Boar in African Blackwood (CB148)

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When brush makers get their hands on nice knots or exotic materials we normally reserve it for the premium brushes, after all the components are more expensive and sought after on account of its cost and scarcity. This is hardly fair to the bloke on a shoestring budget who'd love a handmade brush in something special, but can not afford the premium stuff. Well, here is one such brush made of beautiful, sought after African Blackwood (Mpingo) at the same price we'd ask a similar sized boar brush in any other wood. Since buying this lot a few years ago I have not been able to pick up any of this species of timber on the market that was sourced responsibly, and I look well after the bits I have to my disposal. However, they are better appreciated in some lucky guy's hand than in my yard, so let us get some out there! We fitted this interesting handle with a 21 mm boar brush, and set the knot quite deep to ensure this brush will remain quite stiff even when broken in.      

Treat the handle with a natural oil or wax solution whenever you got some idle time on hands, (you don't even have to wash them beforehand!) We think this boy'tjie is going to look and function very nicely when it broken in. It stands 120 mm high and the knot lofts at 52 mm. The dense wood whips the scale up to a daunting 111 grams. This is the Expresso of the smaller boar brushes available on our site right now.