Brush Coconut Bodger (CB101)

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Coconut trees serve a life of delivering tasty fruit that is used for a host of things. In typical Mozambican culture the remarkable soft wood is also processed when the tree has reached the end of its life, not much is wasted in this country. This brush is a real workhorse with its 26 mm Boar/Badger knot. The handle is not smooth as the dart-like spines on the surface of the turning tends to dislodge out of the softer wood when turning exposes the strands. a Very cool brush for someone who wants something unique with a dazzling wood fiber, this one has a coating of natural oil, and we'll do the next coconut in a CA finish to see how it fills up the voids on the surface. We'll throw in a 25 year guarantee with this one, if the handle fails, send it back to us and well hook you up with a new handle, dependent of what species we have available, hopefully not Pine at the rate the world is taking down trees! The brush weighs 79 grams, stands 132 mm tall, with a stubby loft at 56 mm.