Brush from hell (CB129)

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Given this name not only for the appearance of red hot lava from the belly of earth in its own belly, but also for a number of things that did not work out with this experimental brush. The knot is set to shallow, the types of materials have definitive lines between them and the one material type was very cumbersome to refine. What looks like cracks are actually not, it is a second compound within the brush that has fractured, so rest assured the brush is smooth and perfectly usable. Will it work as a brush? Damn straight it will, and for that reason we will find a home for it and keep it cheep-cheep! Keep this one in a sunny spot, the light and the brush handle have some sinister ways to make one smile even though the outcome was not quite what was expected. Both my kids love this brush, so be aware you might not remain the only user of this brush, Fido's tongue might get a brush-off from time to time. The 26 mm boar will certainly develop into a great brush though, so feel free to buy the first of a type of brush we will try and develop into something better. It weighs 93 grams, stands 136 mm tall with a loft of 65 mm.