Bundu Whacker 11

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The Bundu Whackers are a new range of razors that are meant to fill a void in the market, and as with many new product lines, cost to customer was the biggest criteria. Our main aim is to collaborate with  Andre from Grobler Cutlery to produce a handmade razor for around 2k. Off course we had to limit the time spent on fit and finish, but believe us when we say these razors are going to find regular use from novice and experienced shavers alike because they shave well and are very comfortable in hand. Despite the limitations we had on allowable input costs of these razors, the coolness factor was certainly not lost, these are some damn pretty creations and I personally prefer them over most vintage razors I have used, and also many of the new razors from larger manufacturers. They are all one-offs, and not only by variations of scales either, all blades are hand cut and shaped.

The feedback from these razors is mostly quite good, a couple of factors such as grind type, the thickness of the blade, blade shape and blade size are some of the factors that will increase or lessen the audible feedback from cutting your beard. If you are new to straight razor shaving please note that feedback from a blade is NOT to be interpreted as a blunt blade, many first timers may think so, or may even be intimidated by the sound of hair getting slashed, but one learns to appreciate it fairly quickly. Razor feedback adds an additional dimension (hearing/sound) that will provide valuable information as you get to know your razor. One such advantage is to be able to identify where the razor keeps on running over freshly cut stubble without it seeming to cut all of it , this is a clear indication that you need to change the direction of your shave (or stretch your skin) if you want to get a very smooth shave, in all likeliness your hair is growing in directions where going across or against it is required to get smooth as a cue ball.     

If any Mafioso had this bad boy he'd go to the top of the organisation in no time at all. By simply making sure folks see him taking his morning shave, the skilful wielding of this monster will have no one doubt your mastery of the blade, and Al Capone himself would have felt the need to have you a part of the Chicago outfit! This blade is made of O1 tool steel, it has been tempered and hardened to 61-63 RC. The spine is a chunky 7.2 mm fat, with a cutting edge that is 75 mm long, the blade is around 31 mm high, or 1'3/16, with a 1/4 hollow grind. The blade with its distinct 'hovercraft shape' sinks well into the murky Umboya scales. This razor grips like a champ, and control is precise and easy. Pinning is aluminium and stainless, and the razor is ready to work. The overall length is 178 mm, and thanks to the low density of the Umboya the razor weighs 'only' a 115 grams.