Burnt African Olive (ABB51)

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This brush is made from beautiful African Olive wood from the Limpopo province. We have 'made some adjustments' for it to resemble a burnt section of log with a pretty cool result, who would have thought 'ashes' could be mesmerizing! We fitted this offering with a 24 mm Silvertip knot in a fan shape, making it a great brush for face and bowl lathering.

The brush stands 137 mm tall, with the loft at 55 mm. It has a waist of 22 mm and a belly of 33 mm. The brush weighs 80 grams.

Use our 'My Bliksem' aftershave balm to preserve the wood portion of the brush, it has amazing water repellent properties and will preserve the rock-hard timber for years to come!