Blue slender pig (CB154)

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This Oregon pine handle is tinted and has streaks of blue that is the same sparkling colour as the water of a municipal pool in 'the good old days'. In between the blue streaks you'll find hints of yellow/brown, looking just like the water you'd find today filling up those very same swimming pools, that is if your town is lucky enough to still have a pool with water in it. Rant over. This slender brush with long handle will develop into a great latherer, the longer handle means quicker and faster rotations, and less strain on your wrist. The 21 mm boar will be of service at your beck and call.    

Periodically treat the handle with a natural oil or wax solution.  This brush stands 137 mm high and the knot lofts at 53 mm. At 54 grams it will suit a very wide array of users.