Chunk of Hardekool with a 28 mm Two band finest (CB187)

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Why would I make something any person can make with a hand drill and a few pieces of sand paper? Well, because I know there is a guy out there in the bush that drives a Cruiser and de-horns Rhinos single handedly. He wears Khaki morning to night, and all he wants in his oversized hand when he gets down to removing the wire on his chin is something 'affie plaas'. He has many talents, one of them hurling this very brush at speeds up to 350 km/h at the heads of any of these folks visiting his farm. He does need help from time to time, for instance a good, strong brush to soften up is bloudraad before he heads out on Friday night to hook up with Marietjie. This brush weighs in at 163 grams and stands 132 mm tall with a beastly 28 mm Finest two band knot set at 60 mm, this knot will have you peak mounds of lather in no time at all, that is if you can manage more than ten rotations! The trunk has a diameter of about 55 mm, and no, it will not fit your stand, it will bend it!

Check out the cold-hearted cabbage killer at the 11 second mark of the video, I hosed myself!