Clawed Hardekool brush (CB116)

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This is one of my favorite brushes to make and use because it is simple, practical, and does what a brush must do, no fancy jacket to hide behind, it does not want to dress up, it just wants to get the damn job done properly and move on. This bad-ass hardwood brush handle is made from our famous Hardekool. It does the basics so well and weathers beautifully. Use it until it is old and grey and then spruce it up with a bit of oil (Danish oil works great) for a flashy dark appearance. This little powerhouse of lathering goodness weighs 67 grams, stands 98 mm high with a loft of 58 mils. We fitted this workaholic with a 26 mm knot that is made up of 50% finest two band hair and 50% High Mountain white.