Custom set Black Ivory CSS2 'Bundubeard' logo

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a Set made from the Black Ivory (Dalbergia melanoxylon), a wood often used to make fine instruments such as clarinets. a Very scarce wood in SA that should not be harvested when still growing. The wood has a very high oil content, preserving it in its natural state for a very long time. Very dark to black heartwood with a very light sapwood, making for some beautiful pieces of hardware This set has been finished with oil, and would need a light furnishing from time to time , the razor has a 3-Blade cartridge razor head with hand carving, complete with elephant. It weighs 36 grams and is 132 mm long.  The brush is quite heavy at 89 grams, and 112 mm tall. Fitted with a 21mm silvertip badger knot. The stand has carvings resembling the razor handle.