Erskine vintage brush (VB16)

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 Erskine was company founded in the late 1800's and was active untill the 1950's, its first brush patent was filed in 1904. James L Erskine was quite passionate about brushes as can be seen from his unconventional designs here and here. He was also active in trying to change the conditions that regulated duties and taxes on shaving brushes and bristles in the US in the early 1900's, from this one can deduct that Asia has long been the dominating force in the supply of shaving brushes, knots and animal hair.

This round to Polygon brush handle has been fitted with a Tuxedo synthetic knot, the brush stands 98 mm tall and weighs 52 grams. It is a bit heavier than the original would have been as we filled the plastic handle with resin to ensure it is more resistant to damage. This is a standing brush, but will also fit most stands as the diameter ranges from 26 mm at the collar to 36 mm at the base where it meets the green end cap.