Finest two band Mpingo (ABB48)

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African Blackwood is one of the woods that looks so well after itself, it is simply saturated with oils, pieces that have been lying outside in my yard for 5 years and longer still gets oil bubbling on its surface if I work to hard or with a blunt tool where the friction is high. I honestly think one would never have to treat these brushes to preserve them, simply keep them away from severe conditions, I cannot see any treatment replacing its own oils, and a coating would be purely cosmetic. This brush is all heartwood with some natural defects adding to its solid personality, 

It weighs a chunky 115 grams, measures 132 mm tall, with the loft set at 53 mm. It is fitted with a 24 mm Finest two band badger knot.

The patterns dance in light, use our MB balm if you really want to put something on it for a bit more lustre in between shaves.