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We have been selling fountain pens for a while, so we decided to add some ink to our offerings. As we are nor a specialists writing gear store we figured we'd offer something that promises good value for money, while still doing the job. Much like shaving many folks will start our with a 'cheap setup', and once they realise it is something they have come to appreciate and love, they move on to products that are a bit more specialised. 

I am no expert in writing inks, and if any 'expert' out there would like a sample to compare or review, feel free to drop me a mail! I tried the ink in two pens I own and it functions well. The supplier is Obooc in China who claims to have the best quality inks in China. It is a water based ink, and other claims made by the manufacturer includes the following; 

1. Special design and formula,ensures excellent writing performance and colour

2. Colour and logo of the pen ink can be customised (we did a quick local is lekka flavoured test label for the first lot of ink)

3. Most of the pen inks have clear drain properties.

4. Environment friendly

5. Smooth writing

6. Non Toxic

7. We figured what the heck, bring in a few of every colour, let's give folks a bit of variety from the get go. For now we will simply stick to 'order by numbers' until we get some feedback from more seasoned users, if we get good reviews and we continue to offer this product we will generate some cool local colour codes and do actual pics of each colour on paper under the same light conditions.