Fountain pen Mabondo


R 390.00
Fountain pen Mabondo - Bundubeard
In one's quest to minimize your impact on this beautiful planet you come across many items or practices that was just so much better for the environment way back when. This fountain pan in Mabondo timber (looks a lot like Iron wood to me) is one way of doing so in style. I tried a fountain pen recently and was surprised at how easy it was to fill and use! I also discovered a whole 'gentlemanny culture' around fountain pens and their use, which I quite like. They look cool, are 'old-school', writes nicely and you can refill them in a number of ways, so they are very good for the environment producing zero disposable plastic with only the occasional glass jar and some ink needing dispensing or recycling. Please note actual appearance may differ from photos on account as each pen is hand made with wood delivering an abundance of colors and patterns. This 'Chairman' fountain pen is 13 cm long (capped) and weighs 60 grams. .

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