Geelhout Bodger (CB134)

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What is a Bodger?! It is a Boar & Badger hair mix we are trying out to see if it finds a following. The boar adds BTB (Big time backbone) while the badger retains a bit more water, and takes the edge off the tough ol' pig bristles. Too soft for your typical Karoo farmer, and way too hard for a Metroman, but there is plenty diversity in between who would take to this combination. The Yellow wood handle is turned light and slim to create a nimble brush with a stiffer, hardworking knot. This is a light-medium weight brush at 117 grams in weight. It measures 101 mm tall, with a 26 mm Bodger knot lofting at 56 mm. This one is for the guy who likes to have the knot do the proper exfoliation on his face, not his wrist. Don't forget that pig bristle takes a couple of weeks to break in, so your brush will 'mature' over time. Use in good health!