Gem Junior single edge razor (V235)

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This specific razor was made sometime between 1912 to the mid 1920's. These 1912 patent models were produced with a variety of handle styles and in later years many even had bakelite handles, including the "Parade" model. which had the large "baton" style handle. These "baton" style razors were, again sold under the various names of Gem Jr, Star and Ever-Ready. Basically, you can have a GEM Jr that looks different than that of your buddy, but chances are they are both correct and original as they were manufactured years back.

There are many things that makes these razors unique and a must have for any discerning shaver, one of them being the interesting shaving position of the head. The head must be placed near-flat to your face and is actually quite user-friendly. despite its bad-ass axe-like appearance! This razor has an open comb guard, but unlike today's open comb razors they bend over and the teeth are joined into a solid bar, unlikely to make contact with your skin, and mostly manufactured this way to provide sturdy structure for the razor's comb.

The razor loads easily by opening the spring loaded cap and then inserting the blade onto the tabs at the edges of the safety bar, flip it closed and let her rip!

The razor weighs surprisingly light at 68 grams and measures around 94 mm tall. The razor comes with a new blade, now also available from us. 

Imagine that, a razor called 'Junior' although it is over a century old! This razor is nickel plated and has some plate loss showing its brass muscle underneath.