Gillette 40's style Super speed W1 1951 (V23)

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The Gillette 40's style Super speed razor was introduced in 1950 and produced for 4 years up to 1954. This is still one of the firm favourites amongst Gillette fans. It is another great 'middle of the road' razor, easy to use for first timers, mild shaving action and good efficiency, with the ability to give a closer shave when doing strokes across and against the grain. It obviously offers a good dose of 'I-wonder-who-has-shaved-with-this-before' and 'I-wonder-what-this-razor-has-seen-in-it's-lifetime' nostalgia, always a pulling factor with the vintage stuff. This razor has fine knurling on a relative thin handle, but one does get the impression that the head seems to be made of heavier metal than most modern TTO razors. 

Please note this razor has one of its metal tabs missing, however this does not impede its performance in any way.

The razor has a TTO (twist to open) function, enabled by twisting the bottom dail anti-clockwise to open the doors, and clockwise to close the doors once the blade is loaded.

The razor is in good condition with no damage apart from expected wear and tear.

This razor weighs 57 grams and stands 83 mm high.