Gillette Aristocrat 1946-1947 (V224)

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'The Crat' is one of the most sought after razors in the Gillette stable, they are collectable as they are quite hard to find, and they appeal to many on account of its appearance and quality of shaves. These were introduced in 1946, and was produced in a number of models following the 46/47, the range expanding up to 1951. This specific razor was the first in the series, and features a solid bar, two smooth bands directly to the top and bottom of the knurling. They also have end caps, and a centre bar without the notch, the later Aristocrat models featured a notched centre bar to make replacing the razor blade faster and safer. 

This was one of the first models of razors that was put into production right after world war 2, and sold for USD3.79, this made it quite an exclusive razor if you consider the very cool, fully adjustable Gillette Fatboy sold at USD1.95 more than a decade later! 

This model comes in a original case and all items are in good condition, the set also has the original pamphlet and the golden case used to store blades in.

This razor weighs 67 grams and stands 82 mm high.