Gillette Aristocrat 1948-1950 (V55)

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'The Crat' is one of the most sought after razors in the Gillette stable, they are collectable as they are quite hard to find, and they appeal to many on account of its appearance and quality of shaves. It was introduced in 1948, this specific razor was the third in the series, a closed-comb Aristocrat model which features a notched centre bar to make replacing the razor blade faster and safer. I was also marketed as the 'Improved Aristocrat'. It is generally referred to as a very smooth and effortless shaver with a mild personality, and when using it clear to see why they have become a sought after model for many users and collectors.

This model had considerable plate loss, so we buffed up the head to give it a bit of shine and posture. It is ready to work and impress you with smooth shaves.

This classic weighs 67 grams and stands 82 mm high.