Gillette New Red & Black set razor only 1934 (V99)

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 The 'New' Gillette razors were a series of razors made from 1930 up to the mid 1940's Although they are still found relatively easy, they are becoming quite sought after, one can tell as they don't come up in lots anymore and are mostly listed individually. The razor is in good condition with no damage apart from expected wear and tear, the comb is in great condition with a bit of wear on the threads of the cap, but it still tightens up nicely with or without a blade. We had to strip this one of its plating as it was in a very deteriorated state, but we love it's new two-tone outfit! There is still a tiny amount of gold plating left in the fine knurling, giving a nice effect when turned about in the light.

This razor weighs 50 grams and stands 82 mm high. It has the long comb base plate and is said to be a very efficient razor, and hits the sweet spot for many users in terms of its ranking on the mild-to-aggressive scale.