Gillette Tech Black Bakelite handle X1 1952 (V114)

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The Gillette Tech with black Bakelite handle was produced in the late 30's to early 40's, (pre-war) and again in 1951-52. This is a straight forward, mild shaving, no frills 3 piece razor that could possibly have 'served' in the military as well. The razor has the standard tech head that the ball handle and fat handle versions had during this period, but this one has a black Bakelite handle. Bakelite is a light material that would have been offered from time to time by various razor manufacturers where such specifications were a requirement. 

The razor weighs 37 grams and stand 82 mm high.

This specific razor is in great condition, ones like these don't come around often so grab it if you are a collector, and use carefully to try and preserve its condition if you are putting it into active shave duty.