Gillette Tech Fat handle (V100)

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The Gillette tech Fat handle was produced in the late 30's to early 40's, it is a straight forward, no frills 3 piece razor. I am not sure why Gillette did not sell loads of these as I much prefer them over the thin handled techs which sold in huge numbers for decades. The only improvement I can think of is a solid handle in place of the hollow one it was produced in. The razors were produced in both the US and Britain.

This cased razor is in  a reasonable condition, with the case being a bit weathered. The razor has a pack of vintage blades (4 off) as it was sold back in the day.

I bet you can not wait to have this 87 year old razor fitted with a 87 year old blade and feel the nostalgia sweep over you when blade hits stubble! In 1934 we were 4.378 billion people on earth, male life expectancy was less than 60, Hitler became Fuhrer, On the Good Ship Lollipop was a hit, and the once great South African Airways (SAA) was established what a year!

The razor weighs 48 grams and stand 82 mm high.