Gillette Tech Fat handle (V219)

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The Gillette tech Fat handle was produced in the late 30's to early 40's, it is a straight forward, no frills 3 piece razor. I am not sure why Gillette did not sell loads of these as I much prefer them over the thin handled techs which sold in huge numbers for decades. One improvement I can think of is a solid brass handle rather than the hollow one it was produced in. The razors were produced in both the US and Britain. Brits and Yanks....two first world countries who adore fat handles...pretty much a fan myself!

This is the American nickel plated version and it has a bit of plate loss on the base plate, so we'll flog it a tad cheaper, not to worry, its brass 'underneath it's clothes' so corrosion will never be an issue unless you pour acid on it!

The razor weighs 50 grams and stand 82 mm high. This is a classic...everyone needs to experience the simple functionality of this razor!