Gillette Tuckaway Gold 1926 (V138)

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As the name suggests The Tuckaway was basically the travel friendly version of the 'New standard' razor Gillette offered folks in the roaring 20's. It is also one of the first 3 piece razors that could disassemble and pack away in a small box or container. The relative thick guard featured a fulcram shoulder for grip on the blade, diamond knurling on the handle and a channeled guard. This is a short, compact and sturdy little guy, and pretty to boot. They were quite pricey at 5 USD back in the day (about 80 UDS today) and certainly something aimed at mostly upperclass folks. The handle on this razor has two small cracks in it, but still one of the nicer ones out there, it has some engraving on the cap that adds that little bit extra allure to its historic past.

The razor weighs 65 grams and stand 72 mm high.