Bundubeard shampoo bar (4 bars per pack)

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We offer a shampoo bar for guys who wants healthy hair without the fuss or breaking the bank, our bar is made from biodegradable ingredients. The lather is thick, so it won't run down your face or into your eyes. Wash your hair and leave it in while you shower, rinse out just before you get out. Compact, simple and effective. It behaves much like a commercial 2-in-1 shampoo conditioner, so it might be the only product you will ever need to look after your healthy locks.

70-80% of shampoo and conditioner products are water, now, if you think you are paying through your neck for bottled drinking water, think again, you are paying even more for water when buying shampoo. The word shampoo originates from the nation with the most beautiful hair on the planet, the Indians. It was an all natural product that was refined over many centuries. At the turn of the 20th century, western society took this product, and gradually replaced all natural products with this, and to this day continues to make fortunes out of people stuck in consumer cycles.

Back to basics, no more paying for a bottle of water with harmful chemicals in a pantsy looking container!

Ingredients:  glycerine base, pure cold pressed coconut oil from the source in Mozambique, Black Jamaican Castor oil, and Shea butter.

Weighs around 30-35 grams each, four of them will fit into a normal soap holder when traveling. Read our FAQ page for more info on our soaps, how to use them, or turn them into a liquid to refill your own container.

Customer Reviews

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No dandruff!

This is the best shampoo I have used. It smells great, lathers well and is food for your hair. I find it best to rub the bar on my head to create lather. It seems to help with dandruff too.

Josh deBeer
Forget the bottled stuff

This is a great product

A few quick swipes across your head is all you need to create a thick rich lather that holds well. Taking the advice to leave it in and carry on with your routine, 2-in-1 action. Takes care of all the styling products you use leaving your hair clean & shiny.

The Avo & Cucumber scent is a great fresh scent, can't wait to try the others in the range.

With proper storage the individual bars last a long time. Making this a great natural and economical product. Perfect for home & especially travel.