Hardekool brush (CB138)

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With grip like a Honey badger combined with the toughness of Hardekool wood this brush will be your trusty companion for a looooong time. The horizontal patterns makes for superb grip, while still giving hints about the dark patterns this beautiful wood offers. Equally at home on your overlanding trip to Zanzibar or smack bang on the bathroom counter of your urban dwelling. It's size fits in between a short and a long handled brush and is very comfortable while still allowing for a good combination of arm, wrist and hand movement to ensure great lathering action. The dense wood is turned down to quite a small diameter brush to reduce the weight of this notoriously heavy wood species and the brush weighs in at 86 grams, and stands 125 mm high, with a 26 mm Silvertip badger knot set at a 60 mm loft. Very little, or if you prefer no maintenance is required for this brush apart from rinsing it thoroughly with clean water after every use.