Hardekool brush clawed by Lion (CB108)

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One of our great trees the African continent has to offer, very dense, burns with intense heat, very hard and one of the species that will take forever before it degrades. It used to be burned liberally on our jolly bushveld fires, making for some of the most extraordinary memories but this has become a scarce practice as resources have started to dwindle. This is one of the hardest timbers to find commercially, even if you are based right here in South Africa. I love texturing this wood, no other wood will give you the same longevity with such a finish. The 'clawed by Lion' effect gives exceptional grip under wet, soapy conditions. This handle is fitted with a 26 mm Super high density high mountain white knot, this baby is soft as snow and packed as tight as a bunch of ruling party politicians at a Sun City convention (the bar that is, not the convention center) It comes at a premium, but it will blow you away.