Hardekool survivor (CB145)

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Why survivor? Well, this blank was cut too narrow so I could not turn a full round brush, we 'boer-maak-'n-planned' it by texturing the flat side. The bottom end also had a hole in it from the drilling, we plugged this with a stainless bolt. It should have been ashes by now, but what a dinger it turned out to be! I love the added grip the textured flat side gives to one's thumb, and will certainly bring this into future brushes. The bottom and top rim is textured in similar markings, and the brush displays very nicely as a unit. This small, quirky brush weighs in at 67 grams, stands 98 mm high, and is fitted with a 21 mm Best badger knot set at a 58 mm loft. It will serve without any wood treatment, but feel free to shine it up every now and again or use a preservative to bring back color and luster.